My story


Life is full of beautiful and amazing stories, I believe as a photographer it is my gift to be able to capture amazing snapshots in those stories. I believe pictures are more than just images but rather an amazing tool with the ability to elicit strong feelings and the power to take you back in time to that exact moment in time.

I am a born and raised Florida girl who found her Florida guy while studying for my degree in education in Southwest Florida. Over the past year, my hobby for family photography has flourished into a strong passion, that keeps growing after each shoot.

My husband and I currently have two beautiful fur babies and love finding new adventures to enjoy together. My other passion is education and I love my (week)day job teaching Social Studies in Naples, Florida.

As a teacher, I understand the importance of working within a budget and that sometimes the unfortunate high costs this industry can be restrictive to some families. It is my hope to be an affordable option for families, couples, and anyone else looking to capture a special moment in their life. Life is too precious and it is important to have each priceless moment documented to enjoy for years to come.


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